• hdmi@worksandhousing.gov.ng
  • Address: Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Headquarters, Mabushi, Abuja.

Vendor Market Place

The vendor marketplace is an integral part of the Highways Development and Management Initiative. It allows interested companies to register and verify their businesses with the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing (FMW&H) indicating the kind of services they can provide within the value-added concession. It serves as the database through which prospective concessionaires can select and partner with verified companies offering relevant services under the value-added concession.

All Vendors in the vendor marketplace would have gone through a vetting process carried out by the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing (FMW&H) through this portal. All relevant details about each vendor and the services they provide will be available to prospective concessionaires.

Vendor Market Place Gallery


Service Stations

Licensed service stations will be established along the highways to attend to vehicular emergencies


Field operations

Indigenous companies will be licensed to run and operate emergency services along the highways


Farmers market

Petty trading stalls and farmers markets at designated spots will help rural communities sell wares.