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  • Address: Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Headquarters, Mabushi, Abuja.

Unbundled Assets Approval

The Unbundled Assets Approval under the HDMI provides the opportunity for companies to be issued approvals/permits for individual revenue generating assets along the highway right of way on a Build, Operate, and/or Maintain basis.  Companies would apply directly to the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing (FMW&H) through this portal to take up the management and/or development of a specific revenue generating asset.

The construction, operation and management of the revenue generating assets are licensed to qualified private companies in accordance with FMW&H regulations, the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) guidelines and the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) guidelines where applicable.

Please note that eligible routes under the UAA are not part of the routes that will be concessioned under the value added concession category.

Unbundled Asset Approval Gallery


Rest Stops

Licensed rest stops operators offering services to enhance the travel experience nationwide.


Telecom Infrastructure

Companies can develop and manage profitable assets as part of the UAA initiative.



Weighbridges will be set up to monitor loads and freight being transported across the selected route