• hdmi@worksandhousing.gov.ng
  • Address: Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Headquarters, Mabushi, Abuja.

Benefits and Opportunities

Highway Development and Management Initiative (HDMI) is conceptualized to create an economic ecosystem around the national highway right of way. HDMI is anchored on private sector engagement in the management and development of the Federal Highways to open up opportunities across the economic sub sectors that make up the highway economy. This creates numerous benefits and opportunities for all the key stakeholders most importantly the road users.

Social and Economic Benefits and Opportunities


Over 1 trillion Naira expected investments

Brings sustainable investment/funding from the private sector for the development of highway infrastructure that will stimulate the highway economy across the country.


Limitless Opportunities

HDMI creates a multitude of viable opportunities for prospective investors in advertising, emergency services, construction


Job Opportunities

The first phase of the initiative is estimated to generate over 50’000 direct jobs and about 200’000 indirect jobs for Nigerians along the along 12 federal routes.


Safer journeys

Enhanced safety levels for users through better road signages and presence of rest areas that provide avenues to rest and reduce fatigue.


Reduced Cost of Maintenance

Reduction of vehicle operating costs and travel times arising from improved road condition and maintenance.


Secured Investment

The HDMI is backed by law and guarantees security on Investment.