• hdmi@worksandhousing.gov.ng
  • Address: Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Headquarters, Mabushi, Abuja.

About the HDMI Initiative

The Highway Development and Management Initiative was conceptualized and developed by the FMW&H in collaboration with the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC). The HDMI seeks to facilitate the development of parts of Nigeria's 35,000km of federal highway network by bringing order, efficiency, accountability, and profitable entrepreneurship to the operation, management, and maintenance of all assets within the Right of Way.

The initiative is expected to be anchored on private sector engagement for the management and development of the right-of-way.

The main objective of the initiative is to attract expertise and sustainable investment/funding in the development of road infrastructure and to maximize the use of assets along the Right of Way and develop other highway furniture.

There are two categories under the HDMI. The two categories are:

● The Value-Added Concession initiative: Under this category, the road pavement and entire right of way is concessioned for development and management by the concessionaire

● The Unbundled Assets Approvals initiative: Under this category approvals/permits are issued for individual assets on the right of way on a Build, Operate and or maintain basis.

The Objectives

The Highways Development & Management Initiative (HDMI) is a well-planned strategy to address the myriad of challenges facing the highway sector. It is expected to amongst others:

1) Bring order, accountability and profitable entrepreneurship to the operations, management and maintenance of Federal Highways.

2) Attract sustainable investment/funding to the development of highway infrastructure across the country.

3) Facilitate the development of assets and other highway furniture along the right of way

4) Develop the economic potentials of viable road corridors


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